Our restaurant's hours:

Wednesday - Thursday 11:00am - 2:00pm
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 2:00pm
4:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 8:00pm
Monday-Tuesday CLOSED

The Mandarin Grill
& Sushi Bar

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Like millions of others during WWII, our family originated from China but escaped to South Korea during the Communist Revolution to avoid slaughter and famine. There, in the refugee camps, Chinese foods were fused together with Korean flavors. It was during this period of time that a whole genre of Korean/Chinese foods were born. We hope you enjoy our fusion of Chinese/South Korean entrees!
Gan Poong Gi
Sushi Rolls

Our Experienced Chefs

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Kevin C.
Master Chef

Kevin C. ("Chef K.") has been locally established as a leading culinary artist, introducing new Asian cuisines to his restaurant’s most loyal guests. We have catered to some of the most esteemed guests, including President of China, Xi Jing Ping, and his entourage, Chinese Olympic gymnasts training in town at Chow’s Gym, amongst so many others... not including our amazing, local customers. Our guests sometimes travel over 3 hours to taste Chef K.'s creations.